Healing Hearts at Bumblebee Barn by Jessica Redland

Being a big fan of Jessica Redland, I was thrilled to hear her new book was out. I loved her Hedgehog Hollow series and while Healing Hearts at Bumblebee Barn is a standalone, it has some characters in common. The main character here is Barney, whose sister is Fizz – an important person in theContinue reading “Healing Hearts at Bumblebee Barn by Jessica Redland”

The Mysterious Case of the Alperton Angels by Janice Hallett

I read The Twyford Code by Janice Hallett last year and absolutely loved it, so I was very excited to read her third book – The Mysterious Case of the Alperton Angels. If you have read any of her other work, you will know the novel isn’t written in prose as you might expect. YouContinue reading “The Mysterious Case of the Alperton Angels by Janice Hallett”

Lost and Found by James Gould-Bourn

Ronnie is 42 years old and lives in Bingham-on-Sea, a rundown seaside town. He cuts a lonely figure, working in the lost property office at the bus station and sometimes cleaning the buses – and seemingly without having any friends. He visits his GP, Dr Sterling, far too often and lives with only his father’sContinue reading “Lost and Found by James Gould-Bourn”

Different, Not Less by Chloe Hayden

This is Chloe Hayden’s story about how she found life growing up being different. She was eventually diagnosed with autism and ADHD, but before then, she wasn’t quite sure what was going on and tried to find where, and how, she could fit in. I’m interested in this because I have children on the autisticContinue reading “Different, Not Less by Chloe Hayden”

Escape to Darling Cove by Holly Hepburn

I really enjoy Holly Hepburn’s books and I was really looking forward to reading her latest – Escape to Darling Cove. It also has a beautiful cover! This one is set in Northumberland, an area I have visited many times, so that added to the attraction of reading it too. I liked that Eve DarlingContinue reading “Escape to Darling Cove by Holly Hepburn”

Daisy Does It Herself by Gracie Player

The novel starts by introducing Daisy Monroe, who is 26 years old. She lives in London with her boyfriend Phil and they have been together six years so far. After a horrible day and a couple of shocking events, Daisy takes a train to – well, she’s not quite sure, but it turns out toContinue reading “Daisy Does It Herself by Gracie Player”

My (extra)Ordinary Life by Rebecca Ryan

The book is written in first person, so we’re straight away taken into the mind of the main character Emily Turner, who is a 28-year-old teacher. She lives with her best friend Kaz who is an A&E nurse. Watching a BBC2 programme about human life, Emily discovers that not only are both her names incrediblyContinue reading “My (extra)Ordinary Life by Rebecca Ryan”

The Mystery of Four by Sam Blake

31-year-old Tess Morgan has bought Kilfenora House and Gardens in Ireland, restoring the beautiful Tudor manor and after 2 ½ years of hard work, it will soon be open to the public again. We meet many of her friends and the people who live in the community. These include Tess’s best friend, Genevieve Fortune, whoContinue reading “The Mystery of Four by Sam Blake”