COVER REVEAL – Just One Day Autumn by Susan Buchanan

I just adore Susan’s books, they are such a delight to read! So I’m very excited to reveal the cover for her latest book, which is a beautiful orange. Personally, I’ll have to hide the little scarecrow as I have a bit of a phobia of them, but the cover looks stunning and I knowContinue reading “COVER REVEAL – Just One Day Autumn by Susan Buchanan”

Lost Luggage by Samantha Tonge

MY REVIEW Earlier this year, I read Samantha Tonge’s novel Under One Roof, which was a great book, so I was keen to read her new release Lost Luggage – which has a wonderful, irresistible blurb! The first character we meet is Dolly Bell, which is one of my favourite character names ever! She livesContinue reading “Lost Luggage by Samantha Tonge”

Daggers at the Country Fair by Catherine Coles

(Book 2 in the Martha Miller Cosy Mysteries) I do love a cosy mystery and as this one is set in the 1940s, I thought it sounded really interesting. I did enjoy the authentic 1940s feel to it, the language and the lack of modern technology. Of course, World War II was over by 1947,Continue reading “Daggers at the Country Fair by Catherine Coles”

The Calculations of Rational Men by Daniel Godfrey

The book begins in December 1962. We meet Joseph (Joe) Marr, a Doctor who has just been found guilty of murder and imprisoned in HMP Queen’s Bench near Nottingham. Along with his cellmate Melvyn, they are woken up early by a wailing alarm. They are told the Russians under Khrushchev have launched a nuclear bomb.Continue reading “The Calculations of Rational Men by Daniel Godfrey”

The Invisible by Michelle Dunne

(A Lindsey Ryan thriller) BLURB The Invisible A migrant crisis. A corrupt harbour town. Who will stand for those who have become invisible to the rest of the world? People have become one of the world’s most valuable commodities. Trafficked on the promise of a new life only to be hidden away as modern dayContinue reading “The Invisible by Michelle Dunne”

The Santa Killer by Ross Greenwood

(A D.I. Barton mystery) The book begins with Inga, four years previously, in Stevenage. As is often the case, first chapters of crime books don’t often feature characters who live very far into the book and Inga is the same. But it always takes us straight into the action to witness a murder! A moreContinue reading “The Santa Killer by Ross Greenwood”