The Santa Killer by Ross Greenwood

(A D.I. Barton mystery) The book begins with Inga, four years previously, in Stevenage. As is often the case, first chapters of crime books don’t often feature characters who live very far into the book and Inga is the same. But it always takes us straight into the action to witness a murder! A moreContinue reading “The Santa Killer by Ross Greenwood”

A Chance in a Million by T.A. Williams

I first read a book by T.A. Williams back in March, when I really enjoyed An Escape To Remember. I was quite surprised to find a male author writing a romance novel, but he proved himself with that wonderful book and quickly jumped into the list of authors I will always try to read. HavingContinue reading “A Chance in a Million by T.A. Williams”

Christmas Miracles at Hedgehog Hollow by Jessica Redland

MY REVIEW This is the sixth and final book in the Hedgehog Hollow series and I’d strongly recommend reading the series in order, as you get to know the characters and their backstories throughout the books. At the start of this novel, there’s a helpful guide to who’s who in the series, to refresh yourContinue reading “Christmas Miracles at Hedgehog Hollow by Jessica Redland”

The Reason by Catherine Bennetto

The Reason by Catherine Bennetto As soon as I read about this book on Twitter, I knew it sounded just the kind of book I’d love to read. “A heart-warming and humorous novel that offers an escapist and emotional journey. Proving two widely known truths: that money can’t buy happiness but small acts of kindnessContinue reading “The Reason by Catherine Bennetto”

The Soldier’s Daughter by AnneMarie Brear

I only heard of AnneMarie Brear for the first time early this year, when I read and reviewed her wonderful novel The Orphan in the Peacock Shawl, so I was looking forward to reading more of her work. The Soldier’s Daughter begins in January 1860 in the West Yorkshire village of Lylston. Evie Davenport isContinue reading “The Soldier’s Daughter by AnneMarie Brear”

Ten Years by Pernille Hughes

Ten Years follows Becca and Charlie over a decade. In the prologue, we meet Ally, who falls in love with Charlie and is Becca’s best friend. The first chapter, set in 2011, is set at Ally’s funeral. Becca (still Ally’s best friend) and Charlie (by then Ally’s fiancé) are both there. They can’t stand eachContinue reading “Ten Years by Pernille Hughes”

Christmas at the Borrow a Bookshop by Kiley Dunbar

I absolutely love the premise of this novel, as so many of us book lovers will. The idea is that you pay to live above, and run, a bookshop and café for a two-week break. Here we discover the Borrow-A-Bookshop at Clove Lore, a village on the Devonshire coast. The village itself sounds idyllic, withContinue reading “Christmas at the Borrow a Bookshop by Kiley Dunbar”

The Fall of Roman Britain by John Lambshead

I was interested in reading this book because the subtitle is ‘And Why We Speak English’ and I was fascinated to discover the answer to that question. As well as an interest in language, I also love history and archaeology, so this book ticked lots of boxes for me! Being from Lincoln, I have alwaysContinue reading “The Fall of Roman Britain by John Lambshead”

A Scandinavian Summer by Helga Jensen

This book is written in the first person by the wonderful Martha (47), who works in a library. We are introduced to her in the prologue, along with her husband Anthony (an accountant), and their daughter Rosie (16). After a shock ending to the prologue, Chapter One is set two years later. Rosie has movedContinue reading “A Scandinavian Summer by Helga Jensen”