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The Siege by John Sutherland

The book begins at 16.57 hours with Lee James Connor. He is 22, lives in a first-floor bedsit in south-west London and is a follower of Nicholas Farmer, self-proclaimed leader of right-wing group Home Front, whose slogan is “Make Britain Great Again.” The story is told from three viewpoints – Connor, Grace and Alex. GraceContinue reading “The Siege by John Sutherland”

Festival in Time

The novel begins in Lincolnshire in 1972, when Annette, who is sixteen, takes her younger sister Janie (13) to a music festival – the Great Western Express Festival. They meet a folk singer called Justin Christian, who is twenty-two. The novel moves back and forward in time, with each chapter heading explaining which character’s viewpointContinue reading “Festival in Time”

PREVIEW – Death Comes to Marlow

An enjoyable, murder-free time can only last so long in Marlow… 🦆 That’s right, @robthor’s  #TheMarlowMurderClub is BACK in a brilliant new cosy crime mystery, #DeathComesToMarlow! Reunite with Judith, Becks & Suzie next January. Get your copy here: bit.ly/DeathComesToMarlow

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