My Little Ramadan by Abigail Yardimci

I love Abigail Yardimci’s writing. Her Life Is Yours trilogy is such a beautiful and uplifting read, that I was really looking forward to her fourth novel – My Little Ramadan. This does follow on from the trilogy, but can easily be read as a standalone. I am also interested in learning about different culturesContinue reading “My Little Ramadan by Abigail Yardimci”

Do No Harm by Jack Jordan

The book begins in April 2019 with the first few chapters written from Anna’s viewpoint. Later on, we read chapters from the viewpoints of Margot and Rachel. These are the three main characters in the story – all strong women and all survivors. Dr Anna Jones is a cardiothoracic surgeon. She lives with her eight-year-oldContinue reading “Do No Harm by Jack Jordan”

Murder at Waldenmere Lake by Michelle Salter

(An Iris Woodmore Mystery, Book 2 in the series, but easily read as a standalone.) The story starts in Walden, Hampshire in 1921. It is written in the first person, from the view of Iris Woodmore, who is a reporter at The Walden Herald. The lake, Waldenmere, is under threat from developers, but Mill PondsContinue reading “Murder at Waldenmere Lake by Michelle Salter”

Awakening the Power of Self-Publishing by Rudo Muchoko

Having self-published several books now through Lulu and Amazon, I was very interested to read this guide and see if I could pick up any tips. It’s a small book of around sixty pages, but contains a lot of information. There are both advantages and disadvantages of the book and in the spirit of offeringContinue reading “Awakening the Power of Self-Publishing by Rudo Muchoko”

Badgeland by Steve Rayson

Hearing about Steve Rayson’s book, I knew I wanted to read it. I was a member of the Labour Party Young Socialists in 1987, joined the Socialist Workers’ Party briefly in University and attended many marches and protests, including ones with the Anti-Nazi League. So although a bit younger than Steve Rayson, I trod aContinue reading “Badgeland by Steve Rayson”

Maid of Steel by Kate Baker

The story begins in Manhattan, USA in March 1911. We meet Emma Quinn and her friend Martina who are both supporters of the American Women’s Suffrage Association. They work at the Joseph Cobb factory, making clothes. Joseph Cobb is an unpleasant man and Emma hates her job. But then there’s a tragedy which changes thingsContinue reading “Maid of Steel by Kate Baker”