The Beginner’s Guide to Loneliness by Laura Bambrey

I absolutely loved this book! It tells the story of Tori Williamson who is 33. After her mother’s death and a relationship break up, she finds herself alone in London and lonely. She finally finds three friends online and begins writing an anonymous blog she calls The Beginner’s Guide to Loneliness. As the blog becomesContinue reading “The Beginner’s Guide to Loneliness by Laura Bambrey”

Recipe for Mr Perfect by Anni Rose

Jess Willersey works in an office for Anymoore Ltd with Maggie and Sarah, but would really love to be a photographer. When she gets her first job photographing a steampunk wedding, she also encounters a rather gorgeous man. But will they meet again? And what will happen? This is a romance, a rom com, bookContinue reading “Recipe for Mr Perfect by Anni Rose”

Always, In December by Emily Stone

ALWAYS, IN DECEMBER by Emily Stone It isn’t often that a read a 400-page book in three days, but I did with this one. It begins magically and takes you on a journey, one which you will remember for a long time. The main character is Josie Morgan, who has just finished a relationship withContinue reading “Always, In December by Emily Stone”

Victoria Cooke – The Single Mums’ Book Club

This was the 26th book I have read so far in 2021. I had seen this book mentioned on Twitter and I loved the bright colour of the cover as well as the storyline. I’m a single mum and I love books, so I thought it was definitely worth a try! Well, I was reallyContinue reading “Victoria Cooke – The Single Mums’ Book Club”