Coming Home to Puddleduck Farm by Della Galton

The story begins in December with Phoebe Dashwood, a 34-year-old vet, leaving London to get away from her partner Hugh, who she had found cheating after they’d been together six years. She heads home to her parents in the New Forest – Louella and James. Her grandparents, Maggie and Pete, were dairy farmers at PuddleduckContinue reading “Coming Home to Puddleduck Farm by Della Galton”

One Hot Summer by Anita Waller

The novel begins with a shocking start as two teenagers are killed in a fire. The police become involved, with DI Laura Henshall and DS Will Peters from the Serious Crimes Unit in Sheffield investigating. But while they are working hard to solve that crime, another arson attack happens… Wow! You’re right into the actionContinue reading “One Hot Summer by Anita Waller”

Starting Over in Bellbird Bay by Maggie Christensen

MY REVIEW Earlier this year, I read Summer in Bellbird Bay by Maggie Christensen, which I really enjoyed, so I was excited to return to Bellbird Bay for more adventures in the series. This book tells the story of Cleo Johansen. Cleo moved to Bellbird Bay after the death of her husband five years beforeContinue reading “Starting Over in Bellbird Bay by Maggie Christensen”

Her Deadly Friend by Rae Sargeant

MY REVIEW Set in the fictional town of Gleveham in Gloucestershire, Her Deadly Friend is a really good, exciting read. Right from the prologue, you are hooked. It begins 29 years ago at school. Amy Ashby and her mother are complaining to the head teacher that Terri and Steph have damaged her viola. It thenContinue reading “Her Deadly Friend by Rae Sargeant”

A Wartime Welcome at Rookery House by Rosie Hendry

I read another of Rosie Hendry’s novels earlier this year (The Mother’s Day Victory) and enjoyed it, so I was keen to read more of hers. A Wartime Welcome at Rookery House is the start of a new series, but features some characters from her previous books, so it was good to catch up withContinue reading “A Wartime Welcome at Rookery House by Rosie Hendry”

The Lighthouse Bookshop by Sharon Gosling

My review Rachel moved to the quiet Aberdeenshire village of Newton Dunbar five years earlier. She lives with a cat Eustace in the top part of the lighthouse there, which is a bookshop on the ground floor. She manages the shop after the owner Cullen MacDonald realised he was too old to continue to liveContinue reading “The Lighthouse Bookshop by Sharon Gosling”

Daughters of Paris by Elisabeth Hobbes

The novel begins in Paris in 1930. Young girls Colette Nadon and Fleur Bonnivard (11) are best friends. Colette is part of a wealthy family, while Fleur’s parents have both died and they aren’t well off at all. Fleur’s Aunt Agnes is the housekeeper for the Nadon family. The girls wish they were sisters andContinue reading “Daughters of Paris by Elisabeth Hobbes”

Miriam by Linda O’Byrne

Having previously read, and really enjoyed, the first two books in this series, I was looking forward to reading Miriam. I am a big fan of Jane Austen and these Cousins of Pemberley books are genius – they have a real Austen authenticity, featuring the well-known and much-loved characters from Pride and Prejudice, and theirContinue reading “Miriam by Linda O’Byrne”

Please Remember Me by Florence Keeling

Inheriting a run down house from a stranger isn’t exactly the present Laura had expected for her 30th birthday. Especially when the house in question holds memories of a frightening encounter from her prom night fourteen years ago… So when a man starts appearing in the house her first thought is that she must beContinue reading “Please Remember Me by Florence Keeling”