Milly Johnson

Today sees the publication of Milly Johnson’s twentieth novel Together, Again. Yes, TWENTY novels! What an achievement. I think I own 14 or 15 of those. She is definitely one of my very favourite authors.

Milly’s writing style is unique. She has an added Yorkshire wit to her books, which is fabulous. Although I haven’t actually yet met her, she comes across so well online and in her interviews, that I feel as if I know her quite well! I adore her honesty and you can see the passion when she talks about her books. She puts her heart into her books and as a reader, that comes over beautifully.

Her characters are real. Like all of us, life has ups and downs and so do the characters in Milly’s books. She isn’t afraid for her novels to cover serious issues like domestic abuse, difficult relationships, family conflict and unexpected pregnancy. We relate to this, we sympathise with the characters, some of us will have gone through similar things.

In last year’s release, The Woman in the Middle, she tackles a situation many of us find ourselves in at a certain time in our lives. Her main character Shay cares for both her parents and her children. I live with my elderly mother and am her carer, while also bringing up my ten-year-old son. Milly’s books constantly resonate with me.

Her latest book Together, Again tells the story of three sisters who meet up after their mother’s death. Despite being siblings, they aren’t close at all and barely know each other. But will that change now?

I’d like to take this chance to thank Milly for her amazing books. They have got me through some difficult times in my life. When I am feeling weak, defeated or just downright fed up, I know Milly’s books will pull me up to the surface again. Her strong characters face real-life situations, but her books are always ultimately uplifting and positive and inspirational. Just like Milly herself.

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53, lives in Lincoln, England. Published writer, book blogger and reviewer, mum, grandma, cat owner, vegetarian. Loves reading and sewing. My novel is out - WELCOME TO WHITLOCK CLOSE.

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