Catherine – The Cousins of Pemberley by Linda O’Byrne

Catherine – The Cousins of Pemberley by Linda O’Byrne

The Cousins of Pemberley series by Linda O’Byrne follows the lives of some of Jane Austen’s characters. Being a big Jane Austen fan, I read and enjoyed the previous book in this series – which follows Cassandra’s story – and was excited to hear about Catherine’s story coming out. The books include beautiful settings, in a fascinating time to live and to be a woman. This one begins in Derbyshire in 1833.

Lydia’s daughter Miss Cassandra Bennet and Dr Richard Courtney get married at Pemberley. Richard’s elder brother Sir Robert Courtney recently inherited Courtney Castle and the surrounding Northumberland estate after their father died. His wife Lucinda died two years previously, leaving their daughter Matilda (6) unable to speak mute since the accident that killed her mother. She needs a governess and Elizabeth Darcy suggests Catherine Collins, Kitty’s daughter.

Catherine is 22 and has been looking after her little sister Harriet, so is used to children. She moves to Courtney castle to look after Matilda. While she is there, Abigail Richmond arrives. Abigail is expected to become Sir Robert’s new wife and what a character she is! I was fuming at her rudeness to lovely Catherine!

The book is an absolute joy! Once again, Linda O’Byrne brings all the things we love about Jane Austen, but adds new characters with new stories to tell. They are a wonderful escapism from the scary times we live in and a delightful world to spend a few hours in. Highly recommended! And I shall be looking forward to the next one…

Coming soon – Book 3 – Miriam.

9 out of 10

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