Haven’t They Grown by Sophie Hannah

Beth hasn’t seen her friend Flora for twelve years, but one day, she decides to do a detour to see where Flora now lives. She spies on the woman, seeing her getting out of the family car. Her children, Thomas and Emily, get out, but instead of being twelve years older than when Beth lastContinue reading “Haven’t They Grown by Sophie Hannah”

The Abandoned House by Karen Louise Hollis

My book is available as an e book from Amazon or in hardback and paperback from karenlouisehollis.co.uk Book Picks and Pics 4 out of 5 stars Abandoned housed in my hometown Every house has a story. That’s one of the reasons I like photographing abandoned houses so much. The broken windows, chipped paint, and overgrownContinue reading “The Abandoned House by Karen Louise Hollis”

Victoria Cooke – The Single Mums’ Book Club

This was the 26th book I have read so far in 2021. I had seen this book mentioned on Twitter and I loved the bright colour of the cover as well as the storyline. I’m a single mum and I love books, so I thought it was definitely worth a try! Well, I was reallyContinue reading “Victoria Cooke – The Single Mums’ Book Club”