A Not So Quiet Christmas by Suzie Tullett

A Not So Quiet Christmas by Suzie Tullett Antonia is 34 years old and after her friend Jules breaks her leg, she is persuaded to spend Christmas in Jules’s aunt’s cottage in Little Leatherington, taking her mate’s dog Frank along with her. She loves London and busy cities and hates the quiet life of theContinue reading “A Not So Quiet Christmas by Suzie Tullett”

The Golden Girls’ Getaway by Judy Leigh

The Golden Girls Getaway by Judy Leigh 104 Drayton Mews in London is three flats occupied by three single women. Vivienne Goldman is 71 and lives in the top flat. She’s an actress in a TV soap called The Edge of Edgeware. Her co-star Lennie is her ex-boyfriend. Gwen Prichard is Welsh, 74 and aContinue reading “The Golden Girls’ Getaway by Judy Leigh”

A Winter Wedding at Mistletoe Gate Farm

A Winter Wedding at Mistletoe Gate Farm by Helen J Rolfe Tilly is thirty years old and owns a shop called Tilly’s Bits ‘n’ Pieces in Heritage Cove, a village on the east coast of England, where the novel is set. (This is Book 4 in the Heritage Cove series, but works well as aContinue reading “A Winter Wedding at Mistletoe Gate Farm”

Snow Falls over Sunnybrook by Rosie Green

Snow Falls Over Sunnybrook by Rosie Green (This is part of the Little Duck Pond Café series, but works fine as a standalone.) One Hallowe’en, Ruby Watkiss is at her friend Fen’s house – Brambleberry Manor – when she learns about the ancient tale of the Crimson Lady, a ghost who is said to hauntContinue reading “Snow Falls over Sunnybrook by Rosie Green”

A Cornish Christmas at Pear Tree Farm

A Cornish Christmas at Pear Tree Farm by Angela Britnell The novel is set in Cornwall, where Nessa owns Pear Tree Farm. Her sister-in-law, American Ashley, begins a romance with Welsh former soldier Crispin, and all seems to be going well between them, until Crispin receives a letter that leaves him trying to figure outContinue reading “A Cornish Christmas at Pear Tree Farm”

Winging It by Emma Murray

WINGING IT by Emma Murray Saoirse’s husband David gets offered a great new job, but it means moving the family from a nice area of London to New York for a whole year. David, Saoirse (pronounced Seersha) and their five-year-old daughter Anna move to Manhattan, but things are not as they expected. While David’s newContinue reading “Winging It by Emma Murray”

Everything is Yours by Abigail Yardimci

EVERYTHING IS YOURS by Abigail Yardimci Everything is Yours is the third book in the Life is Yours trilogy, but is easily readable as a standalone too. I hadn’t read the previous two and could easily understand what was going on – though I now want to go back and read books one and two!Continue reading “Everything is Yours by Abigail Yardimci”