Murder at Waldenmere Lake by Michelle Salter

(An Iris Woodmore Mystery, Book 2 in the series, but easily read as a standalone.)

The story starts in Walden, Hampshire in 1921. It is written in the first person, from the view of Iris Woodmore, who is a reporter at The Walden Herald.

The lake, Waldenmere, is under threat from developers, but Mill Ponds – occupied by General Cheverton – is in the way of the suggested hotel that the railway company want to build. When Iris and her journalist colleague Elijah go to the mansion to ask the General for his thoughts on the matter, they find his lifeless body on the floor.

The book has a very authentic 1920s feel to it – and lots of smoking! Iris is a modern woman for the time with her fashionable short hair, wearing trousers and having a secret boyfriend. But we also see more traditional women characters like Alice who live at home with their parents and are discouraged from forming relationships with the opposite sex, especially if the young man is from a different class.

There’s an interesting environmental angle to the story too. As one side try to save the lake, they are helped by people from the Society for the Promotion of Nature Reserves to stop them being built on. There’s also the issue of mental health raised, particularly in relation to soldiers and what would probably be described as PTSD nowadays.

I enjoyed the story and didn’t guess “whodunnit” so it held my interest throughout. I really liked getting to know the characters and I feel Iris Woodmore is a great series heroine.


Murder at Waldenmere Lake

A murder shocks the small town of Walden. And it’s only the beginning…

Walden, 1921. Local reporter Iris Woodmore is determined to save her beloved lake, Waldenmere, from destruction.

After a bloody and expensive war, the British Army can’t afford to keep the lake and build a convalescent home on its shores yet they still battle with Walden Council and a railway company for ownership. But an old mansion used as an officer training academy stands where the railway company plans to build a lakeside hotel. It belongs to General Cheverton – and he won’t leave his home.

When the General is found murdered, it appears someone will stop at nothing to win the fight for Waldenmere. Iris thinks she can take on the might of the railway company and find the killer. But nothing prepares her for the devastation that’s to come…

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Michelle Salter is a historical crime fiction writer based in northeast Hampshire. Many local locations appear in her mystery novels. She’s also a copywriter and has written features for national magazines. When she’s not writing, Michelle can be found knee-deep in mud at her local nature reserve. She enjoys working with a team of volunteers undertaking conservation activities.

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