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Alice Alone by Amanda Brookfield

NB: Amanda Brookfield originally published this book in 1989, as is explained in the foreword by the author.

Alice Hatton is 51, lives in North London and her youngest daughter Robin (19) is moving to Birmingham. Alice’s husband Peter is a senior barrister and they have three children – Simon, Kate then Robin – and all have grown up and now left home. Peter’s life alters little after the kids leave home, but for his wife, everything changes. Now, after devoting herself to motherhood, Alice is alone.


Alice Alone

On the day that her youngest child leaves home, Alice Hatton discovers two disturbing truths in a matter of hours.

The Empty Nest cliche is true.

And she does not love her husband Peter at all.

Now in her fifties, Alice is appalled to realise that she is no longer considered her own person, but is instead defined by her relationships – mother to her adult children, wife to her husband. Horrified by the thought of spending another thirty years with Peter in their North London suburb, Alice decides to take matters into her own hands.

What follows is a triumphant and liberating breaking of all the rules. But when Alice must cope with loss for the second time in as many years, she discovers what even the most apparently ‘respectable ‘woman is capable of.

Join Amanda Brookfield as she revisits her first novel, Alice Alone, and rediscover how she got her well-deserved reputation for writing about women’s lives with humour and honesty. Includes a brand new foreword from the author.

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Amanda Brookfield is the bestselling author of many novels including Good Girls, Relative Love, and Before I Knew You, and a memoir, For the Love of a Dog starring her Golden Doodle Mabel. She lives in London and has recently finished a year as Visiting Creative Fellow at University College Oxford.

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