The Rescue by S L Rosewarne

I do love a novel with a good dog in it and The Rescue has the wonderful terrier Moll (short for Mollie). In fact, the story is narrated from her perspective, which I found an exciting and unusual idea. The cover is gorgeous too and I love the font used on the cover and the chapter titles.

The novel is set in Cornwall. The story begins where Moll describes life when her owners Pip and Suki were happy, but Pip died and now Suki is alone at 42 years old, with just the dog to keep her company.

On his deathbed, Pip asked Moll to look after Suki and she takes this role seriously, trying to find her a new partner from the men they meet on dog walks. I loved how Moll’s viewpoint works, leaving messages in doggy fashion for example and finding out lots about the men from what they smelled of. The author is very clever and inventive with how authentic Moll’s narration is. The dog’s ideas about a perfect man for his owner are funny, but also sweet, which sums up the whole book really – funny, but sweet.

It’s also an emotional book. Even though we see Suki’s grief through Moll’s eyes, it doesn’t make it any less impactful. But we also see how things improve for Suki over time as both her and Moll make new human and doggy friends.

It’s not a fast-paced novel or action-packed; it’s a quiet, gentle story about how a woman moves on from grief and how she is helped by her dog. It did feel a bit depressing at times and slightly long, but overall, I enjoyed the story and reading it from Moll’s perspective was wonderfully refreshing.

The story covers several years and Moll ages as the book goes on, but don’t worry, dog lovers can read it without experiencing a Marley and Me type blow. There’s a beautiful final couple of chapters too, where Moll prepares for the future. It’s a clever read and one full of warmth and heart.


The Rescue

When terrier Moll’s owner dies, she is determined to protect his widow, Suki. As Suki navigates grief, dating and men with baggage of their own, Moll tries to push her beloved owner to moving on with someone Moll has chosen, with a good sense of humour, a generous heart, and a steady supply of biscuits.

But Suki has a frustrating habit of doing things the way she wants, instead of Moll’s way. Until she meets Ted, who Moll adores almost as much as Suki. Ted, though, has demons of his own, so is he really the right choice for Suki?

With Moll getting older, and Suki still struggling, can this devoted up fulfil her promise to look after her owner, before her time runs out?

A quirky tale of second chances, told through the eyes of woman’s best friend.

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Author Bio

I live in Cornwall with my rescue dog Lainy (who features at the end of The Rescue) and is going on to have her own story in Lainy’s Tale, which I am writing now. I spend part of the week with my partner and his rescue dog, Twig, where we walk, cycle, swim and grow vegetables. When forced indoors he is addicted to shouting at politicians on the news, the perfect excuse for me to write.

When not writing or training Lainy, I sing with The Suitcase Singers, and also give talks to anyone who will pay to listen to me talking about my work. To my surprise, many have.

I am also a freelance journalist, researcher and author of five Cornish literary themed walking books – Discover Cornwall, Walks in the Footsteps of Cornish Writers, Walks in the Footsteps of Poldark Walks in the Footsteps of Daphne du Maurier and Walks in the Footsteps of Rosamunde Pilcher, all published by Sigma Press and online in our ‘Books’ section of the website.

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