The Best TV Series of 2022

2022 was a hard year on many levels. The War in Ukraine and the cost of living crisis made life worrying and stressful. TV was an excellent distraction and provided wonderful escapism from depressing times.

Here are some of the best things I watched on TV in 2022.

The absolute best thing was The Traitors – reality TV to hook and involve the viewers. An intelligent series that makes you think, with a very diverse cast. I can’t wait to watch more!

As always, I really enjoy Strictly Come Dancing and I’m A Celebrity – annual highlights for me every year.

I got into sewing in 2021 and in 2022, loved all the series about crafting, baking, sewing, pottery and so on. My favourites were –

The Great British Sewing Bee

The Great Pottery Throw Down (Channel 4, new series starts Jan. 8th)

The Great Big Tiny Design Challenge (Channel 4, Sandi Toksvig and dolls’ houses, bliss!)

The Fantastical Factory of Curious Craft

Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas

Celebrity Masterchef

The Great British Bake Off

I also found a lot of comfort, strangely, in watching series about the emergency services and health workers.

My favourites here were –

Inside The Force 24/7 (My5 – Series 1 & 2 set in Lincoln)

Casualty 24/7 (My5)

Yorkshire Midwives On Call (BBC iPlayer)

A & E : After Dark

999 Critical Condition

Ambulance (new series just starting)

and 24 Hours in A&E which I have so far watched five series of. Sadly not all series are on Channel 4, but it’s gripping nonetheless!

Finally – onto drama – crime, thriller, mystery, all that kind of thing. Ooh I have watched a LOT of these. My favourites are…

(Rated SUPERB)

The Devil’s Hour (Amazon Prime)


Harlen Coben’s Stay Close (Netflix)

The Crown – Series 5 (Netflix)

Sherwood (BBC1)

Crossfire (BBC)


Harlen Coben’s Safe (Netflix)

Rules of the Game (iPlayer)

This Is Going To Hurt (iPlayer)

Shetland – Series 7 (BBC)

The Walk In (ITV)

Inside Man (BBC)

Maxine (Channel 5)

The Teacher (Channel 5)

Four Lives (BBC)

Litvinenko (ITV)

Riptide (Channel 5)

Please let me know your favourites in the comments below!

Published by karenlouisehollis

53, lives in Lincoln, England. Published writer, book blogger and reviewer, mum, grandma, cat owner, vegetarian. Loves reading and sewing. My second novel is out now - a second chance romance set at the seaside - STARTING AGAIN IN SILVER SANDS BAY.

2 thoughts on “The Best TV Series of 2022

  1. I have to agree re Traitors, just finished the American one (iPlayer) and now in pursuit of the Australian version!
    My favourite of 2022 was Better Call Saul.

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