The Un-Family by Linda Huber

I’m always excited to read releases from Hobeck Books, who have proved themselves to be a hive of talent this year. This book is a thriller which begins fairly ordinarily, then takes many twists and turns as the story unravels through the pages…

Holly is a vet and is married to Dylan (30). They live in a nice house in East Sussex with their dog Fred. The previous month, Dylan was promoted to distribution manager at work and seems especially stressed, so that Holly is worried about the state of their marriage. Dylan has a twin brother called Seth and their mother Elaine (75) is bringing up her granddaughter Megan (16). As well as following events in the present day, there are also chapters set in the past when Elaine was bringing up the twins.

I really enjoyed this book. The story develops quite slowly, but never becomes boring and I found myself always wanting to read on and discover what was going to happen. All of the characters are very realistic and believable. I loved Holly, Elaine and Megan and found the brothers rather strange, but when you read the chapters set in the past, things become a bit clearer.

At a point in the book, things change, something shocking occurs – and then I had to keep reading, without stopping, because it was really exciting and I was desperate to find out what was going to happen. It’s a clever book, it hooks you in and pulls you along for the ride – and what a ride it is!

Highly recommended.


For better, for worse

Wildlife vet Holly’s life seems blissful: husband Dylan is the man of her dreams, she has a rewarding career and a lovely home. And yet, a tiny niggle is growing daily. Dylan is becoming increasingly remote – but why? Holly is determined to mend the fissure in their relationship. But a shocking discovery changes everything…  

Family ties

Then there’s Dylan’s family: his wayward twin Seth and their widowed mother Elaine, who is rather fond of a glass or two of sherry. Nothing in Elaine’s life is easy, bringing up teenage granddaughter Megan while the family grieves the loss of Megan’s mother.

Family lies

A tragic event rocks the foundations of the family, and Holly’s life starts to unravel. Dylan drifts ever further away. Megan is left uncertain and alone, while Seth falls deeper into himself.

The bonds that once bound the family together are breaking. Can they ever be repaired?

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