A White Christmas on Winter Street by Sue Moorcroft

I love Sue Moorcroft’s books, they are always such a treat – warm and welcoming. So I was really looking forward to reading her latest release – A White Christmas on Winter Street. This is a standalone, though regular readers of her work will recognise the setting of Middledip.

The star of this story is Sky Terran, who is 39 years old. After resigning from her job, she goes to the house auction she’d planned to attend and ends up buying herself The Corner House on Winter Street in Middledip, the village she used to live in. But will this be the new start she so needs? When she meets Darragh ‘Daz’ Moran (42), initially it’s awkward as he lost out on buying the house to her, but later their friendship begins to grow. But is he really over his ex Abi?

You feel sorry for Sky straight away. She’s not had an easy childhood and the start of the book sees her having a hard time too, so you hope she has an easier time of things and gets the happy ending she deserves. She’s very much the star player, but there are a host of other characters to get to know. Daz is mates with Ismael and Vern. Since Daz’s friend Lewis is in prison for fraud, Daz looks out for Wilf (11) and his mum Courtney. I loved the relationship between Daz and Wilf, as the young lad seeks a father figure in his life.

Sky really hopes to make friends now she is back living in a village. When a neighbour called Jess tells her about the Cambridgeshire Christmas Street Competition, Sky agrees to join in, but being as environmentally friendly as possible. Another neighbour Marietta introduces herself shortly after, so things look optimistic for Sky in her quest for friendship.

I love Sue Moorcroft’s novels because they have a great setting and a fabulous sense of community. I love a village with its own ambience and how everyone fits in. I also love the Christmas backdrop to the novel and enjoyed seeing how the festivities brought out the decorations and lights around Middledip. Overall, a really lovely read!


A White Christmas on Winter Street

When Sky Terran returns to the village of Middledip after losing the job she loves, she anticipates a quiet Christmas getting used to her new life. However, the annual street decoration competition is coming up and this year, the residents of Winter Street are determined to win.

As she is pulled into the preparations, Sky quickly grows to love the quirky, tight-knit community she is now part of. Including the extremely handsome Daz, who soon becomes more than just a friendly neighbour.

But when Daz’s ex turns up determined to win him back and it seems he might not be the man Sky thought he was, she remembers how much allowing people into her life – and heart – can hurt. As the snow falls, will she and Daz find a way through – and help win a Christmas victory for Winter Street?

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Amazon UK https://smile.amazon.co.uk/White-Christmas-Winter-Street-heartwarming-ebook/dp/B09WM5SRY8/

Kobo UK https://www.kobo.com/gb/en/ebook/a-white-christmas-on-winter-street-1

Apple books UK https://books.apple.com/gb/book/a-white-christmas-on-winter-street/id1622778294

Bookshop.org UK https://uk.bookshop.org/books/a-white-christmas-on-winter-street/9780008525675

Author Bio –

Sue Moorcroft is a Sunday Times bestselling author and has reached #1 spot on Amazon Kindle UK as well as top 100 in the US. She’s won the Goldsboro Books Contemporary Romantic Novel Award, Readers’ Best Romantic Novel award and the Katie Fforde Bursary. Sue’s emotionally compelling, feel-good novels are currently released by publishing giant HarperCollins in the UK, US and Canada and by other publishers in other countries. Her short stories, serials, columns, writing ‘how to’ and courses have appeared around the world.

Born in Germany into an army family, Sue spent much of the rest of her childhood in Cyprus and Malta but settled in Northamptonshire, England aged ten. She loves reading, Formula 1, travel, time spent with friends, dance exercise and yoga.

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