The Reason by Catherine Bennetto

The Reason by Catherine Bennetto

As soon as I read about this book on Twitter, I knew it sounded just the kind of book I’d love to read.

“A heart-warming and humorous novel that offers an escapist and emotional journey. Proving two widely known truths: that money can’t buy happiness but small acts of kindness do spread joy.”

Sounds great, huh? So I was very excited to be on the blog tour for this book and receive a review copy of the paperback, which has a distinctive cover of a dark grey cloud dropping brightly coloured raindrops.

The story is about Brooke Paige who is 43 and lives with her daughter Hannah (10) and their dog Cookie. The drama starts straight away with a rather comedic situation that shows us immediately what Brooke and Hannah are like. I loved them both immediately and they seem so realistic, especially Brooke with all her flaws.

The characters in this book are absolutely wonderful, each one full of idiosyncrasies and eccentricities and superbly crafted. Brooke’s parents are great, especially her father with his bag of live birds! (You need to read it!) There are some fabulous animals too. The book is so funny and very witty, but clever too.

Brooke becomes very rich following her husband’s sudden death, but resents the money. Seeing a collection tin in a local shop, she realises she can use the money to help people. But she can’t let people know just how rich she is. So she sets about finding ways to assist those who need it.

There are serious topics covered here, amongst all the humour. Hannah is being bullied at school by a girl called Livie. There’s also grief and loss and how it affects those left behind. The story is very moving and heart-warming and it’s a book you will enjoy, but also one you’ll remember a long time after you’ve finished reading the last page.


How much is the smile from the person you love worth to you?
Brooke’s life has derailed. Her social life and career have evaporated, her daughter is desperately unhappy and being bullied at school, and, for a 43-year-old, she probably spends way too many weekends at her parents’ house. But the reason for all this is no mystery. A year and a half ago, Brooke’s husband died.
But Brooke does have one secret. Her husband’s death, the worst thing that has ever happened to her, has made her unbelievably rich.
Despite her despair, Brooke suddenly realises she has the power to make her daughter’s life, and the world a little brighter.

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