Cold Cold Bones by Kathy Reichs


I was keen to read Kathy Reichs’s latest novel, as I have read many of her previous ones and have enjoyed them all. The forensic anthropologist Dr Temperance (Tempe) Brennan takes centre stage as always, but her daughter Katy joins her here, recently out of the military and moving near to her mum.

Kathy’s books are always easy to get into and a fast-paced read. Tempe is a really good character and I enjoy catching up with her in each new story. She is a strong character and does a difficult job.

In Cold Cold Bones, an eyeball is delivered to Tempe’s doorstep, which begins a chain of events to find out who it belonged to, whether they were murdered, if the eyeball was removed post-mortem and so on. You might need a bit of a strong stomach for some of the details, but I am fascinated by forensic anthropology and don’t mind reading about it at all.

There’s also a wit to Kathy’s writing. Her dialogue is excellent and she writes many great lines. My only slight criticism is that I don’t always understand all of the American words or terminology, but it doesn’t put me off reading her novels at all. Each one is a treat. Cold Cold Bones is another five star read.

‘Kathy Reichs has written her masterpiece’ MICHAEL CONNELLY

‘This page-turning series never lets the reader down’ HARLAN COBEN

In a profession like this, you’re bound to make enemies . . .

An eye . . .
It all starts when Dr Temperance Brennan finds a box on her porch. Inside is a fresh human eyeball with GPS coordinates etched into it. They lead her to a macabre discovery in a Benedictine Monastery, and soon after she discovers a mummified corpse in a state park.
. . . for an eye
There seems to be no pattern to these killings, except that each mimics a killing connected to something a younger Tempe experienced, or barely escaped. Someone is targeting her, and she needs to figure out why before they strike again.
And then her daughter Katy disappears.
Someone is playing a dangerous game with Tempe.
And they won’t stop until they have taken everything from her . . .

Electrifying, heart-stopping and compulsive, this is Tempe’s most personal and dangerous case yet . . .


‘A thing of clever beauty – smart, scary, complicated, and engrossing from the first sentence’ MICHAEL CONNELLY
‘Reanimates all the ghosts from Temperance Brennan’s forensic past until they thoroughly haunt her present . . . This page-turning series never lets the reader down’ HARLAN COBEN
‘Masterfully constructed’ J.A. JANCE

‘A mystery within a mystery that invites you to get into the action, complete with twisting turns and heart-stopping dives into the unknown . . . The crowning achievement of a master storyteller’ NELSON DeMILLE

‘I await the next Kathy Reichs’ thriller with the same anticipation I have for the new Lee Child or Patricia Cornwell’ JAMES PATTERSON

‘Over the course of twenty books, Kathy Reichs and Tempe Brennan have thrilled readers with pacey, mazey tales . . . We readers are truly grateful’ IAN RANKIN

‘Reichs, skilfully using the conventions of the mystery novel, forces the reader to face up to the obscene realities of death time and time again. At work and a play she gets under your skin’ THE TIMES

‘A thrilling read from one of my favorite writers’ KARIN SLAUGHTER

‘One of the absolute best thrillers of the year! I can’t recall when this many twists have been so masterfully woven into a novel.’ JEFFERY DEAVER

‘The Queen of forensic crime’ EVENING STANDARD 

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