The Slow Lane Walkers Club by Rosa Temple

Daniel is 30 and has been working in Sicily as a walking tour guide for the last five years, but he is now back home in Cornwall, where his sister Annabelle lives with her husband Scott, daughter Mia (6) and son Rasmus (4).

Daniel and Annabelle have inherited their grandmother’s cottage and need to decide what to do with it. Moving from Sicily to the quiet Cornish village of Trevone is a big change for Daniel, so he soon comes up with an idea to get out and meet local people – the Saturday Walkers Club. He is particularly hoping the blonde woman he keeps seeing around will turn up…

However, only one person turns up to join him on his Saturday walk – Hazel, who is widowed, originally from Trinidad, in her eighties and lives nearby. Daniel is disappointed, but as they begin to walk, Hazel tells him how she was good friends with his late grandmother Molly. Daniel hadn’t had much to do with his grandmother in recent years, but now he can learn something new, by seeing her through Hazel’s eyes.

I love novels where strong friendships are made between characters from different generations, such as in Libby Page’s The Lido or Hazel Prior’s Away with the Penguins and this also fits that remit beautifully.

There are some great characters here. I love the character of Hazel particularly in The Slow Lane Walkers Club, she is so full of life and fascinating! The cat is great too and the little girl Mia is just brilliantly realistic!

There’s a lot good to say about this book. I like the length of the chapters. It was very easy to get into and is a really enjoyable read. I will look forward to reading more of Rosa Temple’s novels in the future.

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