One Moonlit Night by Rachel Hore

My mum and aunt are big fans of Rachel Hore’s and always read all of her books, but I had never got round to reading hers until this latest release One Moonlit Night. Now I know what I was missing! At least I have the author’s entire back catalogue in the family to read, as I definitely want to read more now.

One Moonlit Night follows the story of Maddie. Married to Philip and with two daughters, Sarah and Grace, we begin their story briefly in 1977, but then go back to 1941 and most of the novel is set in the 1940s. Philip in missing in action in the War and Maddie doesn’t know if he is alive or dead.

After their house in London is bombed, Maddie and the girls move to Knyghton, were Philip used to live. These days, Gussie lives there (Philip’s aunt), Lyle (Philip’s cousin) and Mr and Mrs Flegg who do the work around the house. It is an old, large house and seems to be full of secrets and ghosts of times past. Will living there help Maddie understand her husband’s background? And will he ever return?

This book is beautifully written with wonderful characters you soon care about and an involving storyline. There’s enough going on to keep you interested, but not too much that you become confused. I especially liked Maddie and could relate to her trying to bring up her children by herself, while working as an illustrator. I also loved the setting of Knyghton and the farmland around it, the nature and countryside. I also enjoyed the novel being set in WWII and following what happened to Philip too.

Overall, an excellent read and highly recommended!

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