Sherlock Bones and the Case of the Crown Jewels by Tim Collins

Illustrated by John Bigwood

Age 7-9

The book is written from the viewpoint of Dr Jane Catson, the sidekick to Sherlock Bones and they run the detective agency between them. This time, the crown jewels have been stolen from the Queen and the dog and cat must solve the crime! Of course, the Queen isn’t our Queen, she’s a dog, specifically “a pug with a droopy mouth” who lives in Kennel Palace.

This is a great book for kids, just the kind of thing my son loves. As well as the fun story and the beautifully detailed illustrations, the book also contains over thirty games, including mazes, number puzzles and search-and-find challenges. (Answers are at the back!) This means there are lots of things to break up the pages of text and make it more interesting for the kids reading it.

It is very cleverly written and I enjoyed the humour in it too. The cast of animals are great fun, especially the naughty police pups. You even get to read the statements from the suspects to see if you can guess who the thief is! (I guessed wrong.) I would really recommend this, I’m sure any child aged about six to eleven would love this fun book.

9 out of 10


When the crown jewels go missing from Kennel Palace, it’s up to famous dog detective Sherlock Bones and his trusty sidekick Dr Catson to solve the crime. But with multiple suspects and a trail that’s running cold, will they be able to catch the culprit in time?

Published by Buster Books in paperback on 12th May 2022 priced £6.99

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