Spring Tides at the Starfish Café by Jessica Redland

The book is the second in the Starfish Café Series, but works perfectly well as a standalone novel.

It is written from two people’s viewpoints – Hollie and Tori.

Hollie owns the Starfish Café on the North Yorkshire coast. The Café is beautifully situated on a cliff top above a beach (Starfish Point) which is home to two hundred seals. Besides the café, there’s also Hollie’s Wood crafting business to raise money for three charities.

Hollie lives with her boyfriend Jake – who works at the hospital and as a volunteer for the RNLI crew – and their dog, a brown shih tzu called Pickle.

Tori is an architect and interior designer. She lives with her husband Leyton (who really isn’t very nice) and isn’t very happy with their relationship at all. When she ends up meeting Hollie, the two become friends and Hollie helps her decide what to do.

I love the community feel of this novel. I love these books where you feel like you know everyone personally and Jessica Redland is one of the best writers at being able to do this, so you feel you can just walk into the novel and talk to the characters as friends.

The book has many themes, including childhood, family, romance but one of the major ones is friendship. There are also different kinds of relationships (good and bad) and characters of all ages, which I also love. (Being 52, I have little interest in reading a book where everyone is in their twenties!)

There’s a lot going on, but it’s easy to follow too – the perfect mix. You find out about Hollie and Tori and their backgrounds and the ups and downs of their current situations. There’s even a rumour of buried treasure from the past. Oh and beautiful seals.

I loved it and can’t wait to read more about Hollie and Tori in the next book.

9 out of 10


Spring Tides at the Starfish Café

Welcome back to the Starfish Café – where you will find stunning views, delicious food and lifelong friendships.

A new season…

As winter turns to spring, Hollie – owner of The Starfish Café – is feeling content as she settles into her new life with her loving boyfriend, Jake, and their adorable dog Pickle.

But when an unwelcome visitor threatens the future of her café, Hollie must stay strong to protect her family’s legacy…

A leap of faith

Emerging from an unhappy relationship, Tori finds herself with nowhere to stay and nobody to talk to. The long-hidden secrets of her past weigh heavily on her until a chance encounter with Finley, struggling to come to terms with his own secrets, provides an opportunity to open up.

Can she find the strength to stop hiding from her past and face up to her family? Especially when that would mean letting her guard down and learning to trust again…

A fresh start…?

Little do Hollie and Tori know that their lives are about to collide at The Starfish Café and they may be able to help each other with a fresh start. After all, with good friends in your life, nothing is impossible…

Purchase Link – https://amzn.to/3uCYFVL

Author Bio –

Jessica Redland is the top 10 bestselling author of over thirteen novels, including The Secret to Happiness. Inspired by her hometown of Scarborough she writes uplifting women’s fiction which has garnered many devoted fans.

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2 thoughts on “Spring Tides at the Starfish Café by Jessica Redland

  1. Thanks so much for joining in the blog tour for Spring Tides at The Starfish Cafe, Karen, and for your lovely review. Delighted you loved this story and that you enjoyed the community feel so much. It’s something I really love creating 🙂


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