New Recruits at Goodwill House by Fenella J. Miller

I read The War Girls of Goodwill House in January and really enjoyed it, so I was pleased to see the second book in the series was out. This is a standalone, you don’t need to have read the first one before it, but if you do, you’ll recognise characters from the first book.

The novel begins in May 1940, Kent where Lady Joanna Harcourt is waiting for the six new WAAF girls to arrive at Goodwill House. Her daughter Sarah has moved out and her husband David is in France with the British Expeditionary Force. So Joanna now lives with her dog Lazarus (Lazzy) and her unpleasant mother-in-law the Dowager Lady Harcourt, plus the staff – her mother-in-law’s personal servant Miss Baxter, plus her own staff – twins Liza and Joe (14) and Mrs Betty Smith (housekeeper and cook).

The girls begin to arrive. First of all, we meet Camilla ‘Millie’ Cunningham and her friend Diane ‘Di’ Forsyth, who are newly-trained drivers in the WAAF. These are the two main characters from the WAAFs though we also meet Cora and Ruby (also drivers) and Pamela and Phyllis (the older WAAFs). Millie strikes up a friendship with Flying Officer Ted Thorrington (19) as they work on the same Airbase together.

I really loved this book, the characters are so varied and realistic – ones you love all the way through, ones you learn to love, ones you realise are bad eggs… Just like in real life, there are all sorts of people in here, but they all feel authentic.

It is an interesting story and although it is set in WWII, there are lots of different themes and it doesn’t take you into the War as much, so it’s a generally positive and uplifting book of friendship, love and lovely people.

I was straight into the story from the first page, it’s really easy to get into and I read the whole book in two days. My only tiny criticism is that the ending was a bit abrupt for me, but all the loose ends were tied up, it’s just setting the scene for Book 3 – which I’ll be reading as soon as it comes out!

9 out of 10


New Recruits at Goodwill House

May 1940

There are new residents at Goodwill House – WAAF drivers Camilla ‘Millie’ Cunningham and Diane Forsyth, both eager to do their bit for the war effort and excited to be helping the brave boys who fly.

And when Millie meets dashing and heroic Spitfire pilot Ted Thorrington, they strike up an instant connection. But with Hitler gaining more ground in Europe, there is danger brewing across the Channel in Dunkirk and Ted is required to fly more and more dangerous sorties, risking his life every time.

With their hearts and lives on the line, the courage of the girls in blue will be tested like never before…

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Fenella J. Miller is the bestselling writer of over eighteen historical sagas. She also has a passion for Regency romantic adventures and has published over fifty to great acclaim. Her father was a Yorkshireman and her mother the daughter of a Rajah. She lives in a small village in Essex with her British Shorthair cat.

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