I Will Find You by Amanda Rigby

The story begins on 15th June where we meet Jessica Burton-Cartwright. She is 32 years old and has an enviable life with a good job as an in-house lawyer for Zenco, four-year-old twins (Eleanor and Florence), a wealthy husband called Henry (36) and a posh semi-detached house in Kew, London.

Her father Phillip Burton had died 20 years before in a car accident and now she is remembering him on what would have been his 60th birthday.

Then Sarah Hodges, her sister Ashleigh’s landlady, rings Jessica to say her sister’s three weeks behind with the rent and not replying to messages.

The book switches to Ashleigh’s viewpoint on 11th June. Ashleigh Burton (36) hasn’t had the same privileges as her younger sister. After a difficult childhood, she then survived the car accident that killed their father and copes with life by drinking and taking drugs. She is an artist, struggles financially and lives in a bedsit in Brixton.

The third viewpoint is that of Grace – Jessica and Ashleigh’s half-sister (same father, different mums) who is pregnant by her lover, who she suspects is married.

The novel is easy to get into, it hooks you right from the first page. You are interested in the characters straight away, especially the differences between the three sisters, which is a major theme of the book. I read the first 28% of the e-book in one sitting and it’s the kind of novel I could have read in one go, if I’d had the time, because you want to find out what happens and how the story unfolds.

Everyone is flawed and has their own secrets, so things are uncovered as you go along. It is a real twisty-turny story, with your loyalties going one way, then another. I guessed one thing, then that was swept away and replaced by another possibility – but oh no, I never saw those twists coming! What a shocker!

I really enjoyed this book, I read it in about 24 hours and would definitely recommend it.

9 out of 10

I Will Find You

Three sisters…One terrible secret

Ashleigh: A creative, free spirit and loyal. But Ash is tormented by her demons and a past that refuses to be laid to rest.

Jessica: Perfect wife and loving mother. But although Jessica might seem to have it all, she lives a secret life built on lies.

Grace: An outsider, always looking in, Grace has never known the love of her sisters and her resentment can make her do bad things.

When Ashleigh goes missing, Jessica and Grace do all they can to find their eldest sister. But the longer Ashleigh is missing, the more secrets and lies these women are hiding threaten to tear this family apart.

Can they find Ashleigh before it’s too late or is it sometimes safer to stay hidden?

Purchase Link – https://amzn.to/34NjXVX

Author Bio –

Amanda Rigby is the nom de plume of the writing partnership between Amanda Ashby and Sally Rigby. Both authors live in New Zealand, have been friends for eighteen years, and agree about everything (except musicals). They decided to collaborate on a psychological thriller which they then entered into a competition, run by Boldwood, which they won!

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