The One by Claire Frost

After being convinced Lottie Brown has finally found the love of her life, she heard devastating news that her boyfriend Leo Sinclair has died. They have only been together three months, but both had declared their love for each other, and Lottie was sure she had found The One.

The novel is set in Oxford and begins with Lottie socializing with her sisters Annie and Emilia (Em). It then goes back in time to show her relationship with Leo (Before) and forward to the present day, as she comes to terms with his loss. It is easy to follow, and you get into the story straight away with there being such a huge shock in the first chapter.

After Leo’s death, Lottie meets his parents, aunt and uncle and re-meets Leo’s cousin Ross. It seems there were a few big, important parts of Leo’s life that he hadn’t told her. What will she think, once she finds out the truth?

The story is beautifully told and really well written. The characters all come across very well, the pacing is expertly done and it draws you in straight away. The three sisters are very authentic, you can easily see their conversations and how the family dynamic works between them.

Even though the novel deals with death and a broken heart, it is never a depressing or negative read. It is cleverly told so you see what Lottie is going through, but can also see how she changes as a person, learns from her experiences and – with the help of her sisters and friends – continues to live her life, even when at times, she felt like it was over.

8 out of 10

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