The Mother’s Day Victory by Rosie Hendry


The novel begins in Oxfordshire, March 1940. Anna, who is Jewish and from Berlin, loses her job as a governess, because the boy’s father has to send him to boarding school. She ends up relocating to Great Plumstead, a village in Norfolk, where she moves into Rookery House to help Thea in the garden.

Thea and Prue are sisters, both busy doing their bit. Then there’s Hettie (who makes delicious butter and cheese from the cow’s milk) and London evacuee Marianne with her baby daughter Emily.

There’s a lovely community there with lots of activities for the women to help with the war effort and Anna fits in really well, but being German still goes against her in some ways. I won’t spoil anything by explaining what happens, but I loved her rapport with Eva in the story.

I really enjoyed this, it’s full of great female characters and the 1940s setting feels very authentic (if rather poignant, considering the situation in Ukraine right now). I also liked reading how the farm worked and especially after the arrival of Primrose the cow. (Milking a cow by hand is something I’d love to try!)

It’s an easy read, a joyful one and a nice bit of escapism in the present climate.

8.5 out of 10

BLURB for The Mother’s Day Victory

Can the Women on the Home Front protect their community in times of war?

Norfolk, 1940.
 As war rages on, sisters Prue and Thea, along with the wider community of Great Plumstead, are doing all they can to help the war effort, from running the mobile canteen for the Women’s Voluntary Service to organising clothing drives and collecting salvage.

When, Anna, a young German girl who fled her country, seeks refuge in the village, Thea opens up her home, Rookery House, and invites Anna into their growing family. But while many in the village welcome Anna with open arms, others are suspicious of the new arrival . .

As the war intensifies and panic sweeps the country, Anna is taken by the government who fear she’s a spy. The women of Great Plumstead are already fighting their own battles on the Home Front, but will they come together in Anna’s time of need to keep the newest member of their community safe from war?

The Mother’s Day Victory is the perfect wartime family saga and the second novel in Rosie Hendry’s much-loved series, filled with heart-warming friendships, nostalgic community spirit and a courageous make-do-and-mend attitude. Perfect for fans of Nadine Dorries, Donna Douglas and Elaine Everest.

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Author Bio – Rosie Hendry lives by the sea in North Norfolk with her husband and children. She writes uplifting, heart-warming historical fiction based on true events from our social history. Listening to her father’s tales of life during the Second World War sparked her interest in this period and she loves researching further, seeking out gems of real-life stories which inspire her writing.

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