56 Days

This book is set in Dublin during the pandemic. Ciara (25) and Oliver (29) meet in a supermarket and begin talking. This is the same week as Covid-19 hits Ireland. As their relationship continues, lockdown is announced and they decide to move in together, due to the situation. But 56 days later, only one of them is alive…

This is a really intriguing idea for a book and a great use of the pandemic, a really clever “What if?” scenario. I found it very interesting watching everything unfold again through these characters’ viewpoints and as it is set in Ireland, it had a slight distance to it rather than it being set in England where I live. Leo Varadkar pops up instead of Boris Johnson (who, let’s face it, is much nicer to look at!) but otherwise, Ireland followed a similar path to England and it is fascinating reading this and reminding myself what things were like at the start, and how much improved the situation is now.

The story is multi-layered and very twisty-turny; you think it’s going down one way, then it changes course and veers off somewhere unexpected – which is great to read, of course! I love books that keep you guessing. You think you have worked out what one of the characters wants from the relationship, then you think – oh maybe, it’s not that, it’s this… Some of the same scenes are shown from both Ciara and Oliver’s viewpoints, which is quite revealing at times and definitely adds to the reader’s experience, by providing a fuller picture.

You also follow the story in the present time, following the police investigation including the great characters of Lee (DI Leah Riordan) and Karl (DS Karl Connolly).

I was shocked and surprised so much by this book, it really is like no other book I have ever read. I can’t go into much more detail, because I don’t want to give away any spoilers. Besides you should all read it, it’s absolutely brilliant!

9.5 out of 10

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53, lives in Lincoln, England. Published writer, book blogger and reviewer, mum, grandma, cat owner, vegetarian. Loves reading and sewing. My novel is out - WELCOME TO WHITLOCK CLOSE.

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