A Spring Surprise for the Cornish Midwife


Jess Kennedy is 29 and after a difficult life, she is now happy being a midwife in Port Agnes in Cornwall. She just been approved for foster care when baby boy appears on her doorstep. Jess has had to deal with infertility and has reluctantly accepted she will never be a mother, but with baby Teddy to look after, she wonders if that situation could change.

To further complicate matters, her ex-husband Dom keeps messaging her and she is becoming close to a man called Dexter and his stepson Riley.

Of course, you’ll have to read the book to discover what happens – and I recommend you do.

This is the fourth novel in The Cornish Midwives series, but it was the first one I have read and it works perfectly well as a standalone book. It features so many lovely characters and I really enjoyed the great camaraderie between the midwives.

There are lots of exciting “adventures” along the way too  – more than I expected for this kind of book, which kept me reading and held my interest throughout.

Jess can be really infuriating, I was shouting at her (in my head!) several times, telling her to make a different decision – but that shows how engaged I was in the story and that I cared about the characters and what was going to happen to them.

It was an enjoyable read, easy to get into and well written.

A Spring Surprise For The Cornish Midwife

Brand new from the top 10 bestselling author of The Cornish Midwife.

Midwife Jess knows she’ll never have a baby of her own, but she’s determined to still be a mum. So Jess decides to foster, providing love and support for children who desperately need it – something Jess never had as a child when she was in foster care.

Jess loves caring for the precious babies who come into her life, but letting them go again breaks her heart every time – can she really be a mum after all?

But then Jess finds a surprise on her doorstep – a newborn baby! As the search for the missing mum begins, Jess cares for the precious babe day and night. She desperately wants to reunite mum and baby, but knows that when the day comes, her own heart will shatter.

Purchase Link – https://amzn.to/3EBUtY3

Author Bio –

Jo Bartlett is the bestselling author of nineteen women’s fiction titles. She fits her writing in between her two day jobs as an educational consultant and university lecturer and lives with her family and three dogs on the Kent coast. Boldwood published the first title in The Cornish Midwife Series – part of a twelve-book deal – in April 2021.

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