The Little Shop of Hidden Treasures

The Little Shop of Hidden Treasures by Holly Hepburn

Hope Henderson has been widowed for two years and decides to move back to her home city of York to make a fresh start, but nearer to her family. Walking past an antique shop called The Ever After Emporium, she remembers looking in the windows when she was younger and all the exciting treasures it housed. When she sees they are looking for someone to work there part-time, she goes in and meets the owner Mr Young.

After being offered the job, she begins working there and soon meets Will, the owner of the local jewellery shop, and his niece Brodie. She also meets a rather gorgeous professor called Ciaran, who helps her try to unravel the riddle of an old puzzle box found in the shop.

This was originally four books, so is in four parts. This is useful to know, because I was slightly puzzled by the recaps in each part. It works very well as a novel though and I really enjoyed it, especially the two stories – the present day one of Hope and the story she discovers of Elenor from the 1920s.

It is beautifully written, Holly Hepburn has a great style to her work, which makes it very readable. The characters are very well drawn and realistic and I loved Hope straight away. The supporting cast is also excellent and I especially loved the enigmatic Mr Young, as well as Iris, Hope’s best friend who runs the florist opposite.

The York setting was very well done too and this book has introduced me to a new favourite word – snickleways (alleys)!

9 out of 10

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