Haven’t They Grown by Sophie Hannah

Beth hasn’t seen her friend Flora for twelve years, but one day, she decides to do a detour to see where Flora now lives. She spies on the woman, seeing her getting out of the family car. Her children, Thomas and Emily, get out, but instead of being twelve years older than when Beth last saw them, they seem not to have aged. Beth is intrigued and sets about trying to solve the mystery of what has happened to them.

This book finally got me out of my lockdown haze in 2020, where I couldn’t concentrate on reading for more than a few pages. And it’s a great book, really clever and twisty-turny, it certainly keeps you guessing. At one point, I felt the story was going one way and I realised I would feel cheated if that was the actual story – so already I was emotionally invested and wanted a certain direction or outcome. Then it set off again in a different way and wow, what a great book.

9 out of 10

Published by karenlouisehollis

53, lives in Lincoln, England. Published writer, book blogger and reviewer, mum, grandma, cat owner, vegetarian. Loves reading and sewing. My novel is out - WELCOME TO WHITLOCK CLOSE.

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