Victoria Cooke – The Single Mums’ Book Club

This was the 26th book I have read so far in 2021.

I had seen this book mentioned on Twitter and I loved the bright colour of the cover as well as the storyline. I’m a single mum and I love books, so I thought it was definitely worth a try!

Well, I was really impressed. Chick lit can have an unfair reputation for being light, frothy and forgettable, but that really isn’t true of the best books of the genre – and this is one of the best I have read.

I really enjoyed it, it was easy to get into and I loved the characters, who are very believable, very relatable and I was soon rooting for them. Stephanie is the main character, who is having a hard time of things after the break up of her marriage. She soon encounters Janey and later Amanda, who are all struggling with their own problems and each need good female friends, which they find in each other. It is such a lovely read, it includes deep themes like loss and divorce, but the overall tone is heart-warming and beautiful.

This was the first of her books that I have read, but once I had finished reading it, I ordered another of hers – A Summer to Remember. She has a wonderful style to her writing too. I score my books out of a perfect ten and this one earned a very impressive 9 out of 10.

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53, lives in Lincoln, England. Published writer, book blogger and reviewer, mum, grandma, cat owner, vegetarian. Loves reading and sewing. My novel is out - WELCOME TO WHITLOCK CLOSE.

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